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Vote for Jon Wyss

Jon Wyss is now endorsed by Linda Evans Parlette. She has never endorsed a candidate before but she firmly believes Wyss has the legislative leadershp quailities we need in this region. She’s knows who we need. Follow hjer lead. Vote … Continue reading

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Clutter Steals Time, Money, Health and Service

I had a simple task: find the small razor brush that I use to sweep beard dust from my electric razor. I looked in my bathroom drawer where I also keep my nail clippers, emery boards, combs, straight razors, extra … Continue reading

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Clinton and Trump’s Chances of Winning

My wife is frequently the only person who hears my outbursts when I read or see the rampant irrelevant, or inaccurate and or incomplete news reports about who is likely to win the presidential election in November. I hope to … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Lead in Electoral College is Falling

Clinton’s chances of winning are 58.5% as of July 22 according to Nate Silver’s blog 538 ( . 538 forecasted the 2012 results in every state, and only missed one state in 2008. Clinton’s percentage has dropped steadily from the first … Continue reading

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Rafe Esquith Has a Lot to Teach Us

Rafe Esquith is a fifth grade teacher who’s spoken to 100,000 teachers in China, and on May 15 was keynote speaker for over 500 Rotarians and guests at the Rotary District Conference in Yakima. According to what he said in … Continue reading

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Finding Nirvana as an ADHD Sufferer

On April 13 I wrote the following. My daughter, bless her soul, suffers from dysfunctional ADHD which she inherited from me. I feel guilty about passing it on to her. Or sometimes I feel smug. For example recently I felt … Continue reading

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How and Why my Dog Haley and I Help Each Other

My dog Haley has Karen and me locked into a one- to two-mile morning walk that makes all of us feel better. Rain, sleet, snow, cold, heat, wind or smoke are unacceptable excuses because we’ve been through all of them. … Continue reading

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