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Why Middle Income Families Have Lost Wealth to Upper Income Families

From 1949 to 1979 the employers shared gains in productivity with all workers until 1980 (see the chart below from Atif Mian and Amir Sufi  at the House of Debt Since 1980 the wealth from productivity increases are going … Continue reading

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Daydreaming About Being an Advisor for Presidential Candidates

After watching presidential campaigns for six decades, I’ve decided to daydream about being an advisor to Clinton or Trump in the presidential campaign. Trump is a celebrity showman driving the Republican campaign so my recommendation would be, “Don’t change.” Not … Continue reading

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Let’s Back Campaigns that are Guaranteed Winners and Save Lives

This is a story of politicians’ presidential campaigns compared to different politicians’ life-and-death campaigns for the Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015. On July 29 2015, 23 politicians had announced their candidacies for president. July 30 Sen, Susan … Continue reading

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The Abuse of Political Rhetoric is More Disastrous than Abuse of Political Power

People are angry at the political processes abusing our newsprint and electronic media. After looking in frustration at the issue of Obama exceeding his constitutional authority, I was stunned at how confusing and wasteful that discussion is. Obama provoked it … Continue reading

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Ban on Shooting Guns Expanded Along Popular Loop Trail

Douglas County Commissioners restricted firearm discharges from the middle of the Columbia River to a line 50 feet east of the Loop Trail in an area between the City of East Wenatchee and the Odabashian Bridge. Hunters could shoot from … Continue reading

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Regulate the Dangerous Energy Trading of Koch Industries

Charles Koch, CEO of the private firm Koch Industries and his twin brother David are known for donating millions of dollars to political organizations that support Republican and Tea Party politicians and dispute man-made causes of climate change. Rolling Stone … Continue reading

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591 Destroys Washington’s Gun Safety Laws and 594 Improves Them

Washington’s fall ballot contains two measures on gun safety, 591 and 594.    Photo posted on by ikmvers556   This is how they’ll appear on the 2014 Washington ballot this fall.   “Initiative Measure 591 concerns firearms. This measure would … Continue reading

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