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Wars, Wars and More Wars Are Not Working

I read we must send our troops and weapons to Egypt, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Africa and now back into Iraq. If we don’t we’re too weak, our national security is threatened, our allies will lose confidence, USA contractors and citizens … Continue reading

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A Specialist for Pyschological, Social and Emotional Healtcare

“People die completely different here.” That was the epiphany Ginny Heinitz experienced working in a hospital after years as a Hospice volunteer providing home care for patients before they died. Heinitz,,  began her career as a nurse in oncology in … Continue reading

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Why Not a Longer Roll Call to Commemorate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day started as Decoration Day after the Civil War to commemorate fallen Union and Confederate soldiers. It’s been extended to remember all those who died serving in United States Armed Forces.  It’s worthy. But it understates those who have … Continue reading

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Defend and Amend the Affordable Care Act

What is it about the Affordable Care Act that makes people so viscerally opposed? The ACA seems so fundamentally irritating some Americans insist we repeal it instead of heal it. Repealing it would be tragic. Feel the anger in the … Continue reading

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