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Newhouse and Reichert Bipartisan Leaders in Global Health Initiatives

Douglas County’s citizens should be proud to know both congressional representatives from Douglas County — Rep. Dan Newhouse and Rep. Dave Reichert — are on the forefront of compassionate conservatism in several bipartisan bills, some of which passed Congress and … Continue reading

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Why Middle Income Families Have Lost Wealth to Upper Income Families

From 1949 to 1979 the employers shared gains in productivity with all workers until 1980 (see the chart below from Atif Mian and Amir Sufi  at the House of Debt Since 1980 the wealth from productivity increases are going … Continue reading

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Borrowers of Subprime Loans and Predatory Lending Are Not the Guilty Parties

Borrowers of subprime mortgages who followed instructions from lenders in their applications were indicted for criminal behavior by the U.S. District Attorney of Sacramento in 2012. They were charged with filling out form fraudulently, reselling houses at inflated prices and … Continue reading

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If I Were Commander In Chief

My experience as Dean of a Business and Computer Technology Division in a community college led me to rehearse administrative decisions I might make in other managerial scenarios. For example what would I do if I was Commander-In-Chief of the … Continue reading

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Wars, Wars and More Wars Are Not Working

I read we must send our troops and weapons to Egypt, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Africa and now back into Iraq. If we don’t we’re too weak, our national security is threatened, our allies will lose confidence, USA contractors and citizens … Continue reading

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CEO Pay Compared to Worker Pay and Household Income Compared to Teenage Allowances

CEO Pay. Corporate CEO average pay climbed to 257 times more than an average worker’s pay in 2013. Worker pay is too low compared to allowances for teenagers. Workers are paid a fraction of what teenagers’ allowances are compared to … Continue reading

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Believe Immigration Reform is Possible This Summer

People are insisting immigration reform is possible this year, but how can that be? Earlier this year I heard Congressman Reichert hopelessly say it looks dead because it’s an election year. That disgusted me to hear the Republican-controlled House cannot … Continue reading

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