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Clutter Steals Time, Money, Health and Service

I had a simple task: find the small razor brush that I use to sweep beard dust from my electric razor. I looked in my bathroom drawer where I also keep my nail clippers, emery boards, combs, straight razors, extra … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day! A New New Years Resolution

Oh Happy Day! My New Resolution for 2016 Has Arrived   New Year’s resolutions must be doable, memorable and satisfying. My last year’s resolution was witness, designed to encourage me to share my faith more openly instead of assuming my … Continue reading

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This Year My New Year’s Resolution is Witness. Maybe Peple Will Notice it More Than Last Year’s Shine

Last year my one-verb resolution was ‘shine.’ After my morning prayers, I’d silently sing, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…”  I sang it in perfect pitch and rhythm, raising my body with a spirit eager … Continue reading

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The Seahawks Can Win the 2015 Super Bowl, But Don’t Count on It

For those trapped in discussions about the tiresome, irrelevant speculation in the Pacific Northwest about whether the Seahawks can win the 2015 Super Bowl,” I recommend three defensible, informed answers that will allow you to terminate the discussion or divert … Continue reading

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Building Relationships By Sharing Organs and Chocolate Cake

Ten years ago Jake MacKinnon was succumbing to Type I Diabetes when he received a pancreas transplant that saved his life, according to This Week magazine. The MacKinnon family and the family of the donor, Kalern Millard, became friends. Now … Continue reading

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CEO Pay Compared to Worker Pay and Household Income Compared to Teenage Allowances

CEO Pay. Corporate CEO average pay climbed to 257 times more than an average worker’s pay in 2013. Worker pay is too low compared to allowances for teenagers. Workers are paid a fraction of what teenagers’ allowances are compared to … Continue reading

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Expanding Medical Care is Proving to Be Profitable and Moral

Hospitals nationwide, including Wenatchee, Seattle, Denver, Arkansas and Kentucky are gaining income because they’re serving more insured patients under the affordable care act. Douglas, Chelan and Okanogan counties are serving 12,000 new enrollees in Washington’s Health Benefit Exchange, according to … Continue reading

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