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Oh Happy Day! A New New Years Resolution

Oh Happy Day! My New Resolution for 2016 Has Arrived   New Year’s resolutions must be doable, memorable and satisfying. My last year’s resolution was witness, designed to encourage me to share my faith more openly instead of assuming my … Continue reading

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A Light Hearted Look at Forgetting to Give Anniversary Cards

Karen and I forgot to give each other the anniversary cards we bought before our 51st anniversary on November 29th. Why did we both forget? Because we shared a tumultuous life beginning casually at dinner on Nov. 14 when Karen … Continue reading

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The Self-Importance of My Dog

My dog Haley prances as if she’s important. That doesn’t seem possible for 14 pounds of brown and white beagle-terrier mix with white-booted paws and ear tips that bob along as she prances precisely erect to elevate her truncated view. … Continue reading

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To My Surprise I Enjoyed a Round of Golf

To My Surprise I Enjoyed a Round of Golf Jim Russell My golf game has improved dramatically due to serendipity and practice. As reported in the July 31 2014 Empire Press I would accept invitations to play with foursomes if … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of a City Boy Dining on Farmer’s Market Produce.

I bit hard on a peanut sized pit in a forkful of salad. I’d mixed what I thought were small seedless grape tomatoes with my lettuce, peppers and olives. I carefully ate each one and spit out the pits as … Continue reading

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Building Relationships By Sharing Organs and Chocolate Cake

Ten years ago Jake MacKinnon was succumbing to Type I Diabetes when he received a pancreas transplant that saved his life, according to This Week magazine. The MacKinnon family and the family of the donor, Kalern Millard, became friends. Now … Continue reading

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We Deserve Better Movies on Environment and Theology Than Noah

Karen and I watched Noah with Russell Crowe last weekend. I rate it 4 on a scale of 10. The rating system operated by reports 98,000 viewers rate in 6.1. It’s a fictional action adventure drama with an … Continue reading

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