This Year My New Year’s Resolution is Witness. Maybe Peple Will Notice it More Than Last Year’s Shine

WitnessLast year my one-verb resolution was ‘shine.’ After my morning prayers, I’d silently sing, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…”  I sang it in perfect pitch and rhythm, raising my body with a spirit eager to immerse itself in the vibrant lives and events of the coming day. My little light shone.

This is embarrassing to write, incidentally, because only one person commented on shine. He didn’t say he noticed a difference, just that he remembered it from my email signature.

I just checked only 8 out of 100 people who make New Year’s resolutions are successful in achieving them. If I didn’t achieve mine, am I in good company?

Admittedly, I don’t follow my spiritual path every morning. Too often I wake up frustrated I couldn’t sleep longer, or rushed because I have more important things to do than rejoice and shine. At times I wonder if I’ve even felt God’s presence shining through me that day.

Needing to feel closer to God reminded me of the hymn that comforted Dad and us in his final days, “Just a closer walk with thee, grant it Jesus, is my plea…”

Once I had my song, I found synonyms for ‘closer’ like ‘abut,’ ‘clinch’ and a noun, ‘deathblow.’ I’d wandered into the wrong word world. What feels challenging is witness. Witnessing for me and witnessing inspiring stories of others.

If witnessing makes me feel closer, I could claim success.

Really, even if no one notices?

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About Russellsclearskies

Writing to poke fun at a retired klutz like me who's curiously exploring the absurdities and complexities of the good life. .
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5 Responses to This Year My New Year’s Resolution is Witness. Maybe Peple Will Notice it More Than Last Year’s Shine

  1. Edgar Meyer says:

    I appreciate your emails and look fwd to more.

  2. David Keefer says:

    Thanks, Jim, I applaud your thoughts and efforts — they make me want to raise my own efforts toward improvement in my spiritual life.

  3. Dr. Robert E. Heidemann says:

    Dear Jim:

    I know you had a change of heart regarding the church but I did not know that you did morning prayers! I hope to see you this year! Best, Bob

  4. Chuck Largent says:

    I thought you were “brilliant” all year !

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Deborah Moore says:

    Hi Jim,

    I love your email! And, yes, I did notice your “shine” resolution last year. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about it. Your email came at a perfect time. I was in Tacoma with a class studying social issues including, homelessness, poverty and hunger. Your message about “Letting your light Shine” was a real inspiration for me. J It was a good seminar and made me realize how blessed I am – I was singing “This Little Light of Mine” all week.

    Doug and I are on a plane to Hawaii today – we will return February 15th. Both Ogan’s and Lois have a key to our unit in case there is an emergency. I hope you have a nice time on your “warm” vacation.

    Thanks for being such a great neighbor!


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