591 Destroys Washington’s Gun Safety Laws and 594 Improves Them

Washington’s fall ballot contains two measures on gun safety, 591 and 594.

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This is how they’ll appear on the 2014 Washington ballot this fall.


“Initiative Measure 591 concerns firearms.

This measure would prohibit government agencies from confiscating guns or other firearms from citizens without due process, or requiring background checks on firearm recipients unless a uniform national standard is required.”

The first part prohibits confiscating guns without due process, which is already prohibited in the federal and Washington State constitutions. The second part contains a bombshell that blows away Washington’s background checks: requiring a uniform national standard imposes the weaker federal background checks passed by Congress on Washington and nullifies Washington’s current background checks. It also prohibits voter approved improvements on future ballots related to background checks.

Washington voters would not only lose their stronger standards, they would not be able to vote for stronger standards. I’m voting no on 591.

Initiative 591 is a rollback of current Washington law that adds additional checks of state records to the incomplete federal records. Washington law  prohibits pistol sales by registered arms dealers to convicted felons such as drug dealers, or under certain court restraining orders such as domestic abuse, found not guilty of crimes by reason of insanity or judged mentally incompetent, or have certain charges pending.

Vote No on 591.

Washington’s background checks disqualify 30-40 people per year where the Department of Social and Health Services records show they’ve been involuntarily committed for mental-health reasons alone according to an article the Seattle Times last Sunday.

Washington’s law on background checks has a loophole. Any of those 30-40 people could drive to Seattle and buy firearms at a gun show and avoid that background check and be back in town by nightfall. Or they buy them online from the newspaper in a private sale.  Vote  no on 591.

Initiative 594 closes these loopholes. The ballot language reads:


Initiative 594 concerns background checks for firearm sales and transfers.

This measure would apply currently used criminal and public safety background checks by licensed dealers to all firearm sales and transfers, including gun shows and online sales, with specific exceptions.”

According to the state voter’s pamphlet “This measure would apply the background check requirements currently used for firearm sales by licensed dealers to all firearm sales and transfers where at least one party is in Washington.” This adds sales at gun shows, online, and between unlicensed private individuals … whether the firearm involved is a pistol or another type of firearm.

I’m voting for 594. But to cover loopholes in Washington’s background checks and cover more firearms than just pistols, vote for 594 and no on the other one, 591.

Be prepared for a barrage of ads because these measures have attracted national interest.

A TV ad supporting 591 was labeled mostly false, by the KCPQ FOX news program Tracking the Truth, featuring C. R. Douglas who’s won 4 Emmy Awards for excellence in journalism. He said, “The biggest claim in advertising for 591 is ‘Stop gun confiscation without due process.’”

Douglas said, “There isn’t arbitrary gun confiscation here in Washington State.”

A TV ad for 594 was labeled Mostly True. In Washington, “Criminals who fail a background check can simply go on-line or to a gun show and buy a gun from a stranger.” Voting for 594 would close that loophole.

As you hear blizzards of ads opposing strengthening Washington’s background checks, remember these facts.

Washington background checks are currently filled out by local arms dealers for pistols at such dealers as Oldedays Firearms in Waterville and Sportsman’s Warehouse in East Wenatchee. Passage of 594 would expand background checks to retail stores such as Costco and Coastal Farm and Ranch in East Wenatchee.

I-594 allows transfers of guns without background checks for weapons like antiques, between family members or people sharing guns at licensed gun ranges or on public lands.

The Voters Pamphlet says, “The Office of Financial Mnagement says Initiative 594 is expected to have minimal impact on state and local revenues.” State expenditures would be  minimal.

Sheena Cooper at the Douglas County Sherriff’s office processes state background checks. She said, “Even if it doubles my load, it wouldn’t be horrendous.” But, she added, my supervisor is the one who would has to make the decisions.

To increase gun safety, vote FOR I-594, and No on I-591.

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3 Responses to 591 Destroys Washington’s Gun Safety Laws and 594 Improves Them

  1. Terry says:

    Thanks for the data filled analysis on the two gun laws. That was very helpful to me.

  2. Cliff Bates says:

    One of the things I find intriguing is; whether your buying a gun from someone, or at a gun show, you can not call the police, or some state, or national data base of stolen guns, or other items and check whether the item is stolen, “yourself”. Yet the police can check any license number on a car to see if it is stolen at random.
    When I went to purchase a gun from an individual several years ago, I called the local sheriff to see if the gun was stolen. I was told that for “privacy” reasons I could not check if the gun was stolen.
    Now lets change things around a bit. I buy a gun from an individual, or at a gun show, (which by the way the guns are usually checked for being stolen by the police covering the show before opening), and I keep the gun for sometime.
    One day, for whatever reason, I go to sell the gun, or the police for whatever reason have cause to run the gun serial numbers and it comes back stolen. Or not only stolen, but thought to have been used in a felony crime at one time. Now who has the explaining to do, because no means are available to the local citizens check if an item is stolen. Be it a gun, a microwave, or anything else with a serial number.
    As far as the “privacy” aspect goes, you do not need to know the current owner, or where they live. You only want to know if the item is stolen or not.
    Over the years I have mentioned this to several State and US Congressmen. The letter usually receives with a nice thank you note for drawing attention to that fact,…………and then nothing. WHY ?

    I also often wonder if in the gun rights issue if the anti-gun lobby is in bed with the pro-gun people. Have you ever noticed that there is a cycle to these issues being raised? About every 3 years. Both sides then come across as needing YOUR MONEY to fight for your right to own a gun, or to protect you or others from those who have a gun.
    Again and again. It is as if the Pro and Anti forces team lawyers and advertizing agencies get together and decide to have a money raising campaign over the gun issue to raise money for their cause, or organization.
    It is quite clear, and has been upheld time and again by the Supreme Court of the right of an American citizen to be able to own a gun. However to me, it is the mentally of today’s society that seems to think that killing others as retribution for some wrong done to you, and then taking your own life afterward is better and easier way to handle problems, real or imagined.
    That way the wronged individual, gets “even” with society, and society is unable to hold the individual responsible. PLUS the press and media love the sensationalism, and plays it to the max. This brings it to the attention of others as a ” way to go”, and get known.
    Almost all the preventive measures since 9/11 do nothing to prevent shootings, or crimes, or terrorism. They are mostly for show, and to make you “feel safe”. They only offer possible leads as to who did it after the fact, and how it occurred. THEY DO NOT GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK, or prevent me from being disabled the rest of my life. Consequently, I carry a gun. As I believe, ultimately, that I am responsible for my own safety, and that of my family. The “event” may not wait until law enforcement is advised of the matter and arrives to handle the situation.
    Though some people may feel safer if I am also unarmed, I would feel better if more of them were.

  3. Richard Dickson says:

    Jim. I am closing my Yahoo account as it has been hacked again. My new email is radickson54@gmail. com. I would like to get Clearskies at that address. Rich

    Sent from my iPhone


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