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Online Higher Education is Improving Quality Ratings

Dramatic statements claim colleges as we know them are doomed because technology has empowered massive online organizational companies (MOOCs) that promise to improve student learning and undercut higher education’s higher fees. Are my college bound grandchildren going to experience those … Continue reading

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The Seahawks Can Win the 2015 Super Bowl, But Don’t Count on It

For those trapped in discussions about the tiresome, irrelevant speculation in the Pacific Northwest about whether the Seahawks can win the 2015 Super Bowl,” I recommend three defensible, informed answers that will allow you to terminate the discussion or divert … Continue reading

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If I Were Commander In Chief

My experience as Dean of a Business and Computer Technology Division in a community college led me to rehearse administrative decisions I might make in other managerial scenarios. For example what would I do if I was Commander-In-Chief of the … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of a City Boy Dining on Farmer’s Market Produce.

I bit hard on a peanut sized pit in a forkful of salad. I’d mixed what I thought were small seedless grape tomatoes with my lettuce, peppers and olives. I carefully ate each one and spit out the pits as … Continue reading

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