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Three East Wenatchee Youth Are Going to Enliven the Delegation to Misawa Japan

Three Eastmont High School youth should be  excellent ambassadors in the Wenatchee Valley Sister City Delegation to Misawa Japan from August 15 to August 24. The entire delegation including Karen and I have received our final training session. David and … Continue reading

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Building Relationships By Sharing Organs and Chocolate Cake

Ten years ago Jake MacKinnon was succumbing to Type I Diabetes when he received a pancreas transplant that saved his life, according to This Week magazine. The MacKinnon family and the family of the donor, Kalern Millard, became friends. Now … Continue reading

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Newhouse and Reichert Forecast to Win Congressional Districts in Fall

Ninety-five percent of the ballots in primary elections in Douglas County and the two Congressional districts have been counted. From the results my prediction is Dan Newhouse should win Congressman Doc Hastings’ 4th District seat and Congressman Dave Reichert should … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Skies August 7 2014

A nutritional meal at McDonalds? A quick meal that’s low fat is hard for me to buy. I’ve needed crowns after chewy snack bars. I avoid oil soaked snacks or sandwiches with too much bread. I’m too slow-moving in the … Continue reading

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Terry’s Comment of the movie Noah

I enjoyed your analysis of the movie as we share the same opinions. To me it could have been a neat movie of Biblical history > dealing with interpersonal relations, morals, values, etc., but instead turned out to be a … Continue reading

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We Deserve Better Movies on Environment and Theology Than Noah

Karen and I watched Noah with Russell Crowe last weekend. I rate it 4 on a scale of 10. The rating system operated by reports 98,000 viewers rate in 6.1. It’s a fictional action adventure drama with an … Continue reading

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Prioritize Solving the Problems with Legalized Marijuana. I voted to legalize marijuana in Washington hoping people disproportionally jailed would regain civil liberties, judicial expenses would be better spent, and organized crime would lose money as the state gains revenue. None … Continue reading

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