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Costa Rica is an Inspiring Nation Building Communities Like North Central Washington

Jim Russell Karen and I traveled in Costa Rica with our 11-year-old grandchildren, Maysee and Christoph, who requested a cross-country tour to see turtles, a volcano and monkeys. We loved experiencing Costa Rica’s radically different culture, climate, agriculture and wildlife … Continue reading

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A Breakthrough Idea to Increase Jobs and Cut Greenhouse Gases?

A practical carbon “Fee and Dividend” policy to increase jobs and cut greenhouse gases is in the hands of Congressional leaders and their staff (see the article of the Citizens Climate Lobby event in this edition of the Empire Press). … Continue reading

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The Glorious and Laudable Language of the Declaration of Independence

Re-reading the Declaration of Independence is like a glorious sunrise shining new light on the resolve, rectitude and humility of the signers, even 238 years later. Those troubled founders had to rejoice at the far-reaching power of their total resolve … Continue reading

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