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Fuzzy Skies: Coexist, Hooray for Commencement Speaker Protests, the First Flyover Skirmish

Coexist You have undoubtedly seen a coexist bumper sticker, like one in the accompanying photograph. It’s designed by, and available from,, a company that  “combines design, function and action for peace.” This pictured bumper sticker is a best seller … Continue reading

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Why Not a Longer Roll Call to Commemorate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day started as Decoration Day after the Civil War to commemorate fallen Union and Confederate soldiers. It’s been extended to remember all those who died serving in United States Armed Forces.  It’s worthy. But it understates those who have … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Skies May 22, 2014

When is Downtown No Longer Downtown; What is 100 Percent Juice; Where are the Innovations from Charter Schools; Not Benghazie Again;  Give Monica Lewinsky Some Space East Wenatchee Downtown? As a newcomer I didn’t know East Wenatchee claimed a downtown … Continue reading

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Sit Down and Listen: We Need to Get Serious About Federal Debt

This is a serious sit down talk about my and your household debt as a share of the federal debt. It’s going up so much in the next ten years, rich debt consultants in the 1 percent category have made … Continue reading

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