Fuzzy Skies from Last Week’s News

The Seattle Mariners  Since I arrived here in s2001, my friends are excited with the return of Mariners baseball, but I can’t figure out why. Last week the Mariners were shut out three times in five games. Not one runner reached home plate. The Seattle Police put all nine batters on the “homeless list.”

Vending machines for marijuana.  A Colorado medical–marijuana dispensary is installing a pot vending machine and Washington is considering installing them in state recreational pot shops that are opening in July according to the Seattle Times on April 16. The manufacturer said customers will insert their driver’s license in the vending machine to verify their age and then cameras would verify the purchaser’s face is the same as the driver’s license. It seems to me they could even scan their eyes to see if the purchaser is below the legal limit of marijuana in the blood stream.

The machines are being praised for shy purchasers of marijuana who prefer not to be noticed. Washington could install pot-slot machines for those shy people. The slot machines would dispense soft landing pot packages instead of clattering coins that attract attention when some one hits the jack-pot. A quiet pot-jackpot for shy pot-heads.

Prince George.  Prince George, the son of Prince William and Duchess Kate is demonstrating new versions of getting along with his subjects. He was filmed playing with playmates in Australia recently, in contrast to Prince Harry’s first trip when he had to play by himself with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. George looked happy.

He may not get as much exposure any more in the United States. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the second closest family to U.S. royalty after the Bush family, announced she was pregnant. The coverage of her announcement obliterated any coverage of toddler George on our morning news show ( ABC’s Good Morning America).

The Affordable Care Act The White House announced over 8 million had enrolled for health insurance, substantially higher than the target population.  Obama said it’s time for Democrats to quit apologizing for Affordable Care and promote it. Few Democrats responded because as soon he mentioned Affordable Care, they stuffed cotton in their ears.

Co-Grand Marshals for Apple Blossom Festival. Robert Parlette and Eliot Scull were announced as co-Grand Marshalls for this year’s Apple Blossom Festival, both worthy honorees for their work for outdoor recreation and the Apple Capital Loop Trail. The Apple Blossom Festival announced they will ride in the Apple Blossom Parade on May 3rd. That’s shameful. Parlette and Scull should walk the parade route and add an excursion around the loop between the bridges.

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