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Fuzzy Skies from Last Week’s News

The Seattle Mariners  Since I arrived here in s2001, my friends are excited with the return of Mariners baseball, but I can’t figure out why. Last week the Mariners were shut out three times in five games. Not one runner … Continue reading

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Controls on Banks Long Ago Could Have Saved Ukraine

I couldn’t draw a map of Europe with Ukraine on it, so why should I and my nation care about its status? Ukraine’s current crisis erupted in February 2014 when parliament replaced corrupt politicians, rewrote the constitution and scheduled a … Continue reading

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Defend and Amend the Affordable Care Act

What is it about the Affordable Care Act that makes people so viscerally opposed? The ACA seems so fundamentally irritating some Americans insist we repeal it instead of heal it. Repealing it would be tragic. Feel the anger in the … Continue reading

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Support Educating More Girls in the Developing World

Last week Karen and I viewed an inspiring movie about the value of educating the girls working at home in developing countries instead of attending elementary school. The movie is called Girl Rising and is available for download on the … Continue reading

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