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GET Going to Negotiate for Higher Education Funding

You should consider yourself engaged in ongoing negotiations with the legislature, particularly if you believe affordable higher education allows our young people to get ahead, improves our economy and creates more informed citizens. Higher education programs need strong advocates to … Continue reading

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I Love My Baby, But …

As a college administrator circa 1993 I volunteered at an inner city high school that guaranteed graduating students a college scholarship. One of many conditions was girls could not have a baby before they graduated. That rule penalized pregnant girls … Continue reading

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An Open Letter Requesting News our Region Can Use

Sometimes I wonder whether national morning new shows realize how trivial they appear to us under our Pacific Northwest January 50-degree sunshine where we’re worrying about thin layers of snow for skiers and orchardists. A news item that excited ABC … Continue reading

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A Better Scientific Approach to Improve Weight and Health

This column is a correction of my December 19, 2013 column where I pledged to lower my blood glucose because of my addiction to sugar and my self-diagnosis of Type-2 diabetes. My self-diagnosis was based on World Health Organization blood … Continue reading

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Shining a Light on How to Make New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutionists like me search for ways to improve their lives with a new year’s resolution. My approach rejects specific goals and embraces a one-word resolution of positive emotion to improve my health, happiness and prosperity. One word resolutions are easy … Continue reading

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