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Immigration Reform is Possible this Year. Let’s Insist On It

Remember way back in September 2013 when issues such as Syria, ObamaCare and the debt limit were crises that blocked progress to immigration reform? Well, progress is under way on all those issues and the House is considering immigration reform. … Continue reading

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A Reunion and Reality Check at a National Liberal Arts College

Karen’s and my fiftieth class reunion at Albion, a national liberal arts college in Michigan, created warm memories with former classmates. Overhanging the reunion was the stark reality of the competitive struggle liberal arts colleges are undergoing. My liberal arts … Continue reading

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Another Journey to Spice Up the Fiftieth Year of Marriage

When we celebrated our 49th anniversary last November we decided to celebrate 50 special events during yearlong journey to our Golden Anniversary. We’re well over fifty spontaneous and scheduled events. Naturally as a retiree who loves math and goals, I … Continue reading

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Vote No on I-522 and Push for Positive National Solutions

Ballot measure I-522 would require the words ‘genetically engineered’ (GE) or ‘partially produced with genetic engineering’ stated ‘clearly and conspicuously’ on packaging for some food items.  I-522 appears consumer friendly, but we should reject this law as unrealistic for Washington. … Continue reading

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The Gift of Laughter Helps in a World with Madness

“He was born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad,” wrote Rafael Sabatini in the opening line of Scaramouche, a novel about the French Revolution. The lead character hides from his enemies by acting … Continue reading

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