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Kosen: Living an American Dream to Protect and Sustain his Native Kenya

After driving the village’s cattle to fresh pastures near his Maasai village in southwestern Kenya, Hillary Kosen would hurry home to study before nightfall. Now he is a tour operator in East Wenatchee helping people visit Africa and bring solar … Continue reading

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My Memory of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”

I was 22 when Martin Luther King gave his ‘I have a dream’ speech on the steps of the Lincoln memorial to people packed behind him and 250,000 people in front of him. Last Saturday I saw Martin Luther King … Continue reading

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A Family Portrait Sprinkled with Golden Anniversary Pixie Dust

When Karen and I celebrated our 49th anniversary on November 29th 2012, we realized the next day was the first day of our 50th year of marriage. We impulsively announced we would have fifty celebrations during our golden anniversary year. … Continue reading

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Why Reduce Funds Investments When We get $10-$20 In Returns?

Note: On August 24, 2013 this post was modified from the original. Our August food baskets overflow with our farmers’ safe, wholesome and delicious fruits, vegetables and breads. The public agriculture research and development (R&D) that has made food production … Continue reading

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Reforms Should Be Fair to All Concerned

Proposed or actual legislative reforms fail a basic test of, ‘Is it fair to all concerned?’ That’s a fair standard  for reforms, right? Two current reforms, immigration reform in Congress and recent tax reform in North Carolina don’t pass that … Continue reading

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Trimming my Bucket List and Forgiving my Father and Me

My bucket list justifies impulses such as buying the 1955 sports car my dad originally promised me when I was a teenager. I had to save $200, and when I did Mom told me we couldn’t afford it. Dad found … Continue reading

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