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Our Experience with Germany’s Emergency Medical Care

    Karen received unscheduled medical treatment in Germany last May. We could learn from their system. The night before we arrived at the end of our river boat cruise in Passau, Karen vomited repeatedly until she became dehydrated. The … Continue reading

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The Reasons Behind the Student Debt Problem

“The whole student loan problem is a problem that should be of deep concern to [Congress],” said Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) director Richard Cordray to the Senate Banking Committee last April. “These are young people that we should care … Continue reading

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What Should We Do Now That We Own the Eastside Shoreline?

The transfer of WSDOT land south of the Odabashian Brige and north of the Pipeline Bridge for the Apple Capital Loop Trail marked a highpoint in community collaboration (see the Empire Press article last week and my previous blog. The … Continue reading

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Reading and Re-Reading our Declaration of Independence, Out Loud

Karen and I read the Declaration of Independence around the Fourth of July, out loud. Re-reading refreshes our perspectives of the founders’ noble words that have inspired billions of people to demand and win freedom for their unalienable rights. Certain … Continue reading

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