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Pass Peace on Over the Centuries One Lunch Buddy at a Time

My nine-year-old school lunch buddy Alex and I went to see the Wenatchee Applesox play baseball in its summer collegiate league. He picked out a small souvenir bat and I bought a program to chart statistics. He wanted an autograph … Continue reading

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How You Can Get Clarity about Global Warming Predictions

The wreckage stalling acceptance on global warming comes from a collision between questionable predictions and compelling time frames. Here’s how to clear the wreckage and make progress.  Global warming predicts our planet’s average temperature should continue to rise and cause … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Local Owners Make a Great Combination

This is a story of how local businesses compete against the big box stores, a story of capitalism at its best when all sides are informed, including this consumer, although I had to learn a few tricks. Be wary and … Continue reading

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Inspired by the Strength of People Along the Danube

Recently Karen and I cruised and biked along the Danube plus three days in Vienna just days ahead of the rains that have temporarily flooded the Passau, Germany port where we embarked.  The scenery was more beautiful than I expected, … Continue reading

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