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Being Sick of People Avoiding the Moral Imperative to Offer Universal Healthcare

Giving U.S. people access to affordable, quality, preventative medical care and never denying them healthcare would fulfill the promise our ancestors made in the Constitution. They committed to form a more perfect union, establish justice, promote the general welfare, and … Continue reading

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Include Family Unity in Immigration Reform

  The blooming hopes for immigrant reform are haunted by the fear Congress won’t repair the restrictions pulling immigrant families apart.   Those of us marching this May 1st felt the yearnings of an Immigration Spring.   “I firmly believe … Continue reading

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Keeping Corporate and Individual Taxes Fair Is a Constant Contest

Corporations, just like you and I, cut taxes and thereby reduce government revenues or shift costs to others. Corporations legitimately cutting costs are not evil, just endlessly innovative. But citizens and state officials need to eliminate loopholes abused by powerful … Continue reading

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