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Living with the Natural Cycles Life and Death

     I began writing this column in Idaho, surprised I was there. Smoke drove Karen and me from our home. The experience started in fascination, moved to fear, led to relaxation and returned to fear. It’s a metaphor for … Continue reading

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Why Am I Forced to Vote to Legalize Marijuana Use?

Why am I forced to vote on Initiative I-502 that “authorizes the state liquor control board to regulate and tax marijuana for persons 21 years of age and older, and add a new threshold for driving under the influence of … Continue reading

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Recommendations for Presidential Candidates on Intelligence Gathering and War

The presidential conventions largely avoided commentary on war even though we paused this week to remember 911. We’re electing a Commander-in-Chief to continue the Afghanistan war we won in 2001 and monitor intelligence data for possible strikes against terrorism in … Continue reading

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Optimistic Solutions for Agriculture to Feed a Growing, Hungry Global Population

Questions of how we’ll feed the world’s increasingly voracious population and sustain the planet’s increasingly fragile ecology haunt me every time I buy corn-fed ethanol gas and consume corn-fed prime rib. Recommendations for feeding the world through 2050 are reasonably … Continue reading

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