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Looking at Real Public Workers Protecting Us as Budgets Cut Services

    Why would I spend a day listening to Douglas County Sheriff’s Department employees talk about their jobs? Because understanding how they work and who they are helps me publish more accurate information. Why should you care? You pay … Continue reading

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Why Should We Be Surprised by Elections with Fairness and Neighborliness?

We rural, clear skies Washingtonians usually fail to win ballot measures against densely packed damp citizens west of the Northern Cascades. Surprisingly, I found myself in the majority of Douglas County residents who overwhelmingly passed an odious tax onto rural … Continue reading

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The Real Social Security Deficit is the Congressional Action Deficit (CAD)

Recent headlines about Social Security Trust Funds warned of “looming insolvency” and “grim news for future retirees.”  The real Social Security deficit is CAD, the Congressional Action Deficit. The solutions are clearly understood, frightfully unpalatable, and politically inevitable. Readers, here … Continue reading

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